Joanne Lewis

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Joanne Lewis was born and raised in New York and attended college at NYU and law school at Cardozo School of Law in NYC. She began her practice in law as a prosecutor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and resided in the Sunshine State for 30 years. During her time in FLA, she also ran a successful private practice concentrating in family law and protecting the rights of children. Her sister and nephews have lived in Bangor for decades and her father owned a home in Ellsworth. 

Joanne always knew she would live in Maine one day and, in fact, passed the Maine Bar in 1996 and kept her license active. Caring for her sick mother during COVID convinced her to move from Florida to Maine to be closer to family. She now lives in Bangor and serves as an assistant district attorney for Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties. She heads the domestic violence unit and handles the majority of cases involving DV, SA, and crimes against children. As a lesbian newer to Maine she is eager to become more involved in the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally Joanne is a published novelist, and also enjoys hiking, boxing, cooking, reading and word games. 

Why we list our pronouns

Names aren’t the only way we refer to people. We share our gender pronouns and encourage you to do the same. Gender pronouns are the way you like to be referred to: she, her, hers; they, them, theirs; he, him, his; or something else. We share these because we do not want to assume another person’s gender. 

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