Love and Pride

Thank you for participating in Love and Pride, a collaboration between Through These Doors, EqualityMaine, and the Portland Public Library. This form is where you can submit your own stories about how your relationships with others have changed during this period of isolation and social distancing. Your submission should be an original artistic work that answers the question, “How do you show and receive love, affection, and intimacy right now?” 

Please note that you need only provide an email address, your original piece, a description of your work, and consent that we share it. You may also offer your name, age, and other information, but this is not required. 

The deadline to submit is Sunday, May 31st. We will talk about what we learned from these submissions in a “Zoomin’ with EqualityMaine” session on Tuesday, June 16th at 4 pm.

Questions? Email Jake, EQME’s Program Assisstant, for more information at

If no pronouns are specified, we will use "they" and "them" when referring to you.
Attach a file of your artistic work here. Note that this form can only accept certain file types.
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Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt rtf pdf doc docx avi mov mp3.
In a few sentences, describe your submission. For instance, consider: what led you to create it? What significance does it hold for you? What would you like others to know about it?
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