Transgender Health Care

In 2013 we formed the Trans Health Care Coalition, in collaboration with key partners at Maine Transgender Network, Consumers for Affordable Health Care (CAHC), and the ACLU of Maine, to advocate for trans-inclusive health insurance and improved healthcare for the trans community. 

In 2014, we initiated a public education campaign to raise awareness about transgender healthcare discrimination. Over the course of that year we spoke with thousands of Mainers across the state about these issues, and in the process collected more than 5,000 postcards signed by people committed to ending this discrimination. 

In 2016, we worked with the City of Portland to update its health insurance plan for city employees and their dependents by removing exclusions for trans health care. Portland became the first city in the state to affirmatively vote to make that change. 

Following our success in Portland, we worked with the municipalities of South Portland and Scarborough to make their health plans trans-inclusive, as well as the Maine Municipal Association, which also removed exclusions for trans care from their plan, effectively bringing trans-inclusive health insurance to the employees and dependents of more than 200 towns across Maine. 

Along with our partners at Consumers for Affordable Health Care and MaineTransNet, we created a workshop for members of the trans community to help folks advocate for themselves when navigating the complex world of health insurance. 

In 2019, we successfully brought an amendment to LD 1, prohibiting exclusions for trans health in private insurance plans sold in Maine. We followed that by working with Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services remove the exclusion for trans health in MaineCare.

We have more to do: we need to ensure the Maine state employee health plan is trans-inclusive, and we still have self-insured employers to educate about making their plans trans-inclusive.

For more info about our trans health care work, or to get connected to help navigating the infuriating system of health insurance, click HERE to contact our program director, Gia Drew.


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