EqualityMaine Endorses Cassie Julia in Waterville Primary

June 4, 2024

For Immediate Release


Portland, ME – EqualityMaine, the state’s oldest and largest statewide organization working for LGBTQ+ Mainers, is proud to endorse Cassie Julia for House District 65 in the Maine House of Representatives. 

Cassie Julia is the pro-equality candidate that has worked to pass marriage equality in the state and is 100% committed to non-discrimination, and will oppose any legislation to weaken or remove existing protections for the LGBTQ+ community.

Julia’s opponent, Bruce White, voted against key bills this past legislative session aimed at protecting providers of reproductive care and care for transgender people from attacks based on other states’ laws (LD 227) and against Mainers being able to vote on whether to enshrine the right to reproductive autonomy in our state’s constitution (LD 780). Additionally, White missed crucial votes for transgender health care and reproductive healthcare both in 2024 and 2023.

In addition, Cassie Julia is the only candidate in this primary who has pledged to fight for all Mainers’ right to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. Her commitment to reproductive rights and bodily autonomy is crucial at a time where access to reproductive healthcare is under attack – even right here in Maine. For example, Rep. Bruce White not only voted against requiring insurance companies to cover abortion care, he also voted several times to take MaineCare coverage of abortion away from some of our state’s most vulnerable. Currently, the state of Maine is dealing with a healthcare provider shortage – Julia aims to increase access to healthcare and provide incentives to help doctors and other healthcare professionals settle in Maine. In particular, she is passionate about increasing access to mental health resources and recovery resources.

Maine lawmakers faced political threats and threats of violence for even considering LD 227, and the harmful and disingenuous rhetoric spread by people opposed to the bill was largely aimed at people who seek or provide gender-affirming care. As the LGBTQ+ community continues to face the threats of violence and harassment throughout the state, especially surrounding drag events, bills protecting transgender healthcare, and LGBTQ+ books in libraries, we need every elected voice to support equality consistently.

EqualityMaine knows Julia will be a strong supporter of fundamental freedoms, health care access, LGBTQ+ kids and parents, and older adults. 

Board President John Hennessy is thrilled to endorse Cassie. He said this about the endorsement: “Maine’s LGBTQ+ community is vibrant and diverse; our members are older folks, immigrants, youth, parents, transgender and gender non-conforming, residents of rural townships and cities, students, and are from all economic levels. EqualityMaine strives to represent the needs and interests of our whole community. All voices are important to achieving our mission and we look forward to Cassie’s support in the Maine legislature.”

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