Apply for EqualityMaine PAC’s Endorsement

Congratulations on your candidacy and thank you for your interest in EqualityMaine PAC’s endorsement!
We look forward to learning more about you and your candidacy.

EqualityMaine is the oldest and largest statewide organization dedicated to creating a fair and just society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Mainers. Maine’s LGBTQ+ community is vibrant and diverse; our members are older folks, immigrants, youth, parents, transgender and gender non-conforming, residents of rural townships and cities, students, people experiencing incarceration or homelessness, and are from all economic levels. EqualityMaine strives to represent the needs and interests of our whole community.

Our questionnaire for 2024 is currently open.

FAQs about the endorsement process:

  • Once you fill out our questionnaire, our PAC Board will make endorsement decisions and notify you.
  • Endorsement by EqualityMaine PAC can, but does not always, include financial support and communication of support and endorsement to tens of thousands of EqualityMaine supporters.
  • Our endorsement decisions take into account questionnaire responses, support for LGBTQ+ issues, past voting record on those issues if applicable, and the competitiveness of the campaign. We place a special emphasis on supporting qualified LGBTQ+ candidates who are running for elected office.
  • In races where multiple candidates meet our criteria, it is possible no endorsement will be made.
  • EqualityMaine PAC does not presently endorse candidates for municipal boards or school boards.
Thank you again for your interest in our endorsement and for your commitment to LGBTQ+ equality in Maine!
If you need any additional information or support, please email