New Leaders Project

What is The New Leaders Project?

The New Leaders Project is an exciting part of EqualityMaine’s youth initiative to improve the climate for LGBTQ+ youth by providing leadership skills, community building, and self-empowerment. Our leadership program is for LGBTQ+ young people and allies who want to work alongside other young leaders from across Maine. Participants will learn interpersonal communication, LGBTQ+ history, self-empowerment, leadership, and more.

Network for Older Adults

What is The Network for Older Adults?

The EqualityMaine Network for Older Adults (formerly SAGEMaine, an affiliate of SAGE USA) is a program of EqualityMaine focused on building community for older LGBTQ+ adults in Maine. In November 2019, the Network for Older Adults (or NOA) joined with EqualityMaine to ensure the longevity and sustainability of our programs.